[Real Estate Investment] What are the yields of apartments and apartments that individuals can now invest?

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When investing in real estate real estate by individual investors, in general, there are a large number of investment in apartment owning condominium, followed by one apartment and one apartment building.

So, what is the yield on these real real estate markets that are based on individual investors? I would like to look at the graph below.

The data of this time is not based on actual transaction data but based on information posted on the real estate investment portal site “Rakumachi”. Also, I would like to draw attention to a line graph of “inquiry” which indicates the intention of the actual purchaser side.

The ownership of ownership is declining at the current yield (price rises)

  • The yield of apartments in one building will remain roughly stable after 2016

  • The apartment building once bottomed out in the latter half of 2016, after which the yield remained flat

Depending on each property type, there are different investors who can invest, but there is no trend showing the modulation of the real estate market, and it seems that the motivation for real estate investment is still not declining overall.

The major reason for this is that the low interest rate environment is sustained and the attitude of lending by financial institutions has not changed so much.

However, as mentioned in “Changes in the attitude of lending to the real estate industry, against retail investors!?”, As for the local financial institutions in particular, there is a possibility that hurdles against real estate loans will increase somewhat more than before.

On the other hand, raising the age for starting pension payment is also discussed, we believe that the need for stable income from the financial uncertainty about the future will support the market.


bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で
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  • 区分所有は足元で利回りが低下している(価格が上昇)

  • 一棟アパートは2016年以降、利回りは概ね横ばい

  • 一棟マンションは2016年後半に一旦底をつけ、それ以降利回りは横ばい